About Us

WhichGreen is an Ecotricity initiative. Here's why -

As the founders of the UK's Green Energy movement, we're keen to make sure that Green Energy in the UK has credibility, that it doesn't get subverted by corporate CSR or misguided NGO initiatives - we've seen a few over the years, they've come and they've gone.

The one thing that no organisation has had the courage to embrace is the simple measure of progress, the amount of new green capacity that's getting built.

Big (and small) energy suppliers would rather talk a good talk, bandy around aspirational targets, do some small scale community stuff, even carbon offset  - anything rather than get down to it.

The UK only gets about 9% or so of it's electricity from green sources right now - we need much more and we need it urgently. Green consumer power can make that happen. But the re packaging of existing green energy and the distractions of the various 'feel good' green tariffs and accreditation schemes - are a dangerous diversion and dilution of green consumer power. Spend your money with the wrong energy company and you might as well have thrown it away, for all the green good it will do.

It's for these reasons that we developed this simple measure of real green commitment - how much gets spent building it - and we've been publishing those statistics since 2004.

And although we've had the odd legal threat and some big six huffing and puffing - the stats keep coming and the story is quite shameful.